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How to grow veggies with limited space

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raised garden bed for vegetables

I'm really excited about what we've been able to achieve in a small area. Although our garden is a standard suburban size, the vegetable growing area is very limited due to being surrounded by lots of tall trees and palms - so there's not a lot of area that gets enough sun. My clever husband installed ...

Different Types of Eggplant for your Garden

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purple aubergine

Whether you call them eggplants, aubergines or brinjals, these delicious vegetables are generally under-rated in the Western world. This may be because the best known recipes involve stewing the fruit, often along with onions, tomatoes and courgettes or baby marrows. Cooked for too long, even the best French ratatouille or Greek moussaka will lose its ...

Chinese Artichokes: a Tuber with a Difference

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Chinese artichoke

Although relatively difficult to source planting material, Chinese artichokes are an incredibly easy vegetable to grow. ivermectina comprar Like potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, this is a tuber, but it is not related to either of these plants. Nor is it related to the globe artichoke which is sometimes called an Italian artichoke, and is not a tuber ...

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers

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container gardening

With the difficult weather that many regions have experience over the last year, the prices of many vegetables have hit peaks rarely seen before. This is bad news on the ‘hip pocket’! The good news is that you don’t have to pay these high prices.  You can have a lot of fun growing your own chemical ...

Secrets of Turning a Disused Spa into a Vegetable Paradise

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Black Russian Tomato Plant

A while ago we realised that our gorgeous big Leopard Tree was strangling the underground pipes around our inground spa.  The options were to dig up all the concrete, attack the roots and replace the damaged pipes, or forget about having a spa.  We figured that the tree was here long before us and provides ...

Gorgeous Equipment For Australian Gardeners

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Go green

The folk at Productive Gardens are passionate about making edible gardens easy for everyone to achieve. They stock the most amazing range of products I've seen in a while. You won't find these in nurseries or hardware centres. They're really innovative and quite affordable. Plus they deliver all over Australia. Below you'll find a few pics ...