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How to Ripen Fruits and Vegetables Using Ethylene?

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ethylene on tomatoes

“Putting a ripe apple or two in with a bowl of tomatoes and covering lightly soon ripens the tomatoes. The cover is to first keep the gas in the bowl and second to keep fruit flies out.” We received this helpful tip from our customer Ernest Barkes of North Saanich, BC, Canada. His knowledge of ethylene, ...

How to grow veggies with limited space

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raised garden bed for vegetables

I'm really excited about what we've been able to achieve in a small area. Although our garden is a standard suburban size, the vegetable growing area is very limited due to being surrounded by lots of tall trees and palms - so there's not a lot of area that gets enough sun. My clever husband installed ...

Companion Planting will Maximise Your Veggie Crops

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london kewgarden plants cropped1

Whether you are planting a new garden or replanting one that has been growing for years, attention to companion planting is guaranteed to improve your homegrown crops. It’s a simple concept based on the way nature works… naturally. For instance one plant’s enemy is another plant’s food. Some bad bugs have pet hates, so by planting ...

Secrets of Turning a Disused Spa into a Vegetable Paradise

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Black Russian Tomato Plant

A while ago we realised that our gorgeous big Leopard Tree was strangling the underground pipes around our inground spa.  The options were to dig up all the concrete, attack the roots and replace the damaged pipes, or forget about having a spa.  We figured that the tree was here long before us and provides ...

Growing Organically

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Growing organic

We're thrilled that the November edition of The Gardener magazine - South Africa's premier gardening publication has featured a lovely 3 page article on growing organically, directly from our book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. Here's an extract of that article.  (Click on the image to see the full article as published in The Gardener) " ...

Tomato Gift Set Popular with International Media

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Antelope Valley Press

We're absolutely thrilled with the recent coverage we've received for our tomato book set in overseas press and major gardening blogs.  It certainly gives our humble book international credibility and kudos.  Thankyou to the editors who took the time to write such lovely reviews.   Click on the images or links to see the full articles. Antelope Valley News ...

Father’s Day Tomato Gift Set Popular with Australian Media

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 We're absolutely delighted with the media coverage we've received from rural Australian press recently. It's good to find editors who understand how incredibly popular growing tomatoes at home has become.  Click on the images below to read the full stories.    

Growing Tomatoes Organically

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Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic gardening has often been thought of as the preserve of eccentrics who refused to accept the self-evident truth that twentieth-century progress had transformed the ancient art of gardening. Why did they fiddle around with compost and garlic spray when modern fertilisers and insecticides were so much more efficient and easier to use? Opinions have changed, ...