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Growing the World’s Hottest Chillies

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There is absolutely no doubt that growing peppers and chillies is easy, so why not try and grow the world’s hottest chillies? If you are seriously into hot chillies, and you don’t know about the Naga chilli, there’s a treat in store for you. This little number has been described by some as a killer, with ...

The Best Barbecued Veggies

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While many people consider a barbecue to be primarily a good way to cook meat outdoors, there are many delicious ways of char-roasting veggies on the barbie. The Best Veg for a Barbecue Any vegetable that can be successfully oven roasted is good for a barbecue. They include some of the favourites that are commonly found in ...

Growing Peppers For The Pot

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Grow Green Peppers

Whether you call them peppers or capsicums, these vegetables are one of the easiest and most rewarding to grow. They are also delicious both raw and cooked, and they make a versatile ingredient in many recipes. Related to the chilli plant, capsicums are more usually referred to as sweet or bell peppers, not surprisingly because of ...