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Chinese Veg from the Moon and Mars

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veg on Mars

In the not too distant future, the Chinese hope to be growing vegetables on the moon and/or on Mars as part of their astronauts’ life support system. According to a report released to the media by China’s state press agency, Xinhau in December 2012, Chinese astronauts will soon be putting this plan into action following laboratory ...

Growing Parsnips for the Pot

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harvested parsnips

While parsnips are not everybody’s favourite vegetable, used in small quantities, they will add a distinctive and delicious flavour to soups and stews. They are not difficult to grow, although they will take a good four months for the roots to reach maturity. Where to Grow Parsnips Parsnips, like other root vegetables, do need space. It is also ...

Growing Okra at Home

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Okra (Hibiscus esculentus), an unusual vegetable that originated in Central America, is easy to grow and delicious to eat. But it is under-estimated and consequently grown by relatively few home gardeners. This is a great pity because not only are the green pods edible, but so too are the flowers and leaves. Ironically it is ...

Growing your own Beetroot

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While not everyone rates beetroot as their most popular veggie, it is a really easy root crop to grow in a home garden. Better still, there are now different-coloured varieties, including both white and golden fleshed beet, adding a new dimension to this soft, super-sweet root vegetable. The Best Soil for Growing Beetroot While you can grow ...

Growing Colourful Onions

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Onion 342 s

Onions are a hugely useful vegetable that is good for making sauces, is delicious in stews and soups, and beautifully tangy in salads, and is guaranteed to a zing to the plainest sandwiches. But not all onions are created equal. They come in different colours (primarily red, white, yellow and brown) and sizes, and the flavour ...

What you can do with Fennel

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fennel916 s

Fennel is a much maligned vegetable that grows wild in some parts of the world. It is an outcast in the average vegetable garden because it is not a good companion for any other vegetables. Furthermore, many people find its distinct aniseed flavour abhorrent. However fennel does have its uses, both medicinal and culinary, and it ...

Chinese Artichokes: a Tuber with a Difference

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Chinese artichoke

Although relatively difficult to source planting material, Chinese artichokes are an incredibly easy vegetable to grow. ivermectina comprar Like potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, this is a tuber, but it is not related to either of these plants. Nor is it related to the globe artichoke which is sometimes called an Italian artichoke, and is not a tuber ...

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers

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container gardening

With the difficult weather that many regions have experience over the last year, the prices of many vegetables have hit peaks rarely seen before. This is bad news on the ‘hip pocket’! The good news is that you don’t have to pay these high prices.  You can have a lot of fun growing your own chemical ...