The World’s Best Compost

Colloidal Humus Imagine how you would feel to have a healthy garden, practically glowing with life. Where the plants hardly ever got any pest problems. Where the food you harvested fresh tastes better than almost any food you ever tasted before? What about having soil so friable and structured that you can dig it with your bare hands? Would you love that too?

The secret lies with Colloidal Humus.  This  wonderful natural plant food will revolutionise the way you feed your plants, and you can easily make it yourself at home. In his book The World’s Best Compost, Rod Turner shows you how to make it, and reveals –

  • – How you can achieve a final compost that has 10 times the plant nutrient you put in to start with!colloidalhumus

– Why you’ll use much less water in your garden using colloidal humus compost

  • – The secret to healthy soil through massive microbial action
  • – How to create compost WITHOUT a bin that doesn’t repulse you (or your neighbors) with the smell.

We love this book.  It’s definitely not one of your cheap run of the mill ebooks – it contains a wealth of valuable help.

It’s a must for gardeners keen to have healthy sustainable organic vegetable gardens.  It also comes with 6 great bonuses.

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