Beautiful Lawns Done Safely

John PerezI recently come across a very interesting book, all about eliminating pests and fertilizing your lawn safely to make sure you don’t end up with harmful insecticides tainting your tomatoes, vegetables and flowers.

Professional Gardener John Perez spent 50 years perfecting his safe recipes, and he was offered a fortune by the major chemical companies for the recipes – probably so they would be buried!  Thankfully John resisted the temptation!

  • In his book you will discover how to SAFELY eliminate insect infestations FOR GOOD.   ba2b
  • You’ll discover the long-lasting pest-resistant natural insecticides that work faster than commercial brands.
  • You will find out how to deal effectively with pet damage (this will save you hours of work).
  • You’ll find out how to kill ants and destroy the entire colony in 3 days or less.     ba2a
  • And you’ll learn how to deal effectively with weeds

If you want a beautiful lawn, then John’s fantastic organic recipes will get you there.

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