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How to Ripen Fruits and Vegetables Using Ethylene?

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ethylene on tomatoes

“Putting a ripe apple or two in with a bowl of tomatoes and covering lightly soon ripens the tomatoes. The cover is to first keep the gas in the bowl and second to keep fruit flies out.” We received this helpful tip from our customer Ernest Barkes of North Saanich, BC, Canada. His knowledge of ethylene, ...

Top 10 Trend-setting Vegetables

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Portobello mushroom stuffed with yellow onion, red pepper, spinach and cheese.

It’s not just fashion, hairstyles and interior design that have changing trends, even vegetables can be trend setters. The online Canadian foodie magazine, bon appétit traced vegetable trends over a period of more than four decades, and published there top ten list of trend-setting vegetables this week. Top Ten Trend-Setting Vegetables Avocado Pears were the greatest trend setters ...

The Best Barbecued Veggies

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While many people consider a barbecue to be primarily a good way to cook meat outdoors, there are many delicious ways of char-roasting veggies on the barbie. The Best Veg for a Barbecue Any vegetable that can be successfully oven roasted is good for a barbecue. They include some of the favourites that are commonly found in ...

Creating a Children’s Vegetable Garden

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Tomatoes fit for a fairy Children are amazingly receptive and appreciative, especially when their parents and other family members take the time to share with them. Not surprisingly, gardens are a particularly successful and special place where we can share with our children. And you don't need a lot of space. You can create your child's vegetable ...

Are Your Tomatoes or Potatoes Suffering Disease After Recent Heavy Rainfalls?

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Late blight of tomato

Within the last month or two the east coast of Australia has seen unseasonably heavy rainfall and floods.  Such weather is conducive to the development of a common disease on both tomatoes and potatoes known as ‘Late Blight’ caused by the fungal-like organism Phytophthora infestans.  It has the ability to rapidly wipe out crops and ...

Grey Wall in Tomatoes

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Grey Wall of Tomato

Grey wall or blotchy ripening is a name that is indicative of the disorder where fruit do not ripen properly or ripen unevenly. Symptoms develop whilst the fruit is still green. This condition is only found on the fruit and not on the plant. Symptoms Affected green fruit, have large, greyish or yellowish hard blotches on the ...

Growing Organically

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Growing organic

We're thrilled that the November edition of The Gardener magazine - South Africa's premier gardening publication has featured a lovely 3 page article on growing organically, directly from our book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. Here's an extract of that article.  (Click on the image to see the full article as published in The Gardener) " ...

Tomato Gift Set Popular with International Media

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Antelope Valley Press

We're absolutely thrilled with the recent coverage we've received for our tomato book set in overseas press and major gardening blogs.  It certainly gives our humble book international credibility and kudos.  Thankyou to the editors who took the time to write such lovely reviews.   Click on the images or links to see the full articles. Antelope Valley News ...