Make Money With a Worm Farm

Worm castings are one of the most fantastic sources of nutrition for your plants, and you need to have a worm farm in your garden.  Not only is at a fantastic way to recycle your vegetable scraps, but you could also be making money from your little farm!

Avid worm farmer Duncan Carver has put together a very comprehensive guide which covers everything you need to know to not only build a worm farm, but to also profit from your hobby.  He’s interviewed 7 world leading worm farmers and revealed all their secrets.

His 112 page guide covers:

  • How to build a worm farm – equipment, worm types, the range of different worm systems…
  • How to harvest your worm castings and package them
  • How to breed and sell worms
  • How to make worm casting tea (Lechate) and sell that as a product
  • Where to find customers
  • How to package, market and distribute your products

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If you’d like to get help from successful expert worm composting professionals, visit Worm Farming Secrets