How to Grow Great Potatoes

How to Grow Great Potatoes is a comprehensive 99 page “potato bible”. It contains over 150 colour photosgreatpotatoes ebook01 and a wealth of advice about growing tasty spuds at your place.

The book was written by Lucia Grimmer, MSc,  a world renowned expert in plant disease and nutrition, and a full time advisor to professional growers.  There’s never been a more comprehensive book on growing potatoes published before.

Look at the Table of Contents

  • History of the Potato
  • About the Potato
  • Health Benefits
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Varieties
  • Site Preparation (including soil, wind, drainage, mulching and pots)
  • Cultivation (including planting and hilling)
  • Watering your Plants
  • Nutrition
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Harvesting & Storage
  • Seed Potato Suppliers around the world


What Is in the How to Grow Potatoes Book?

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is called “Quick Start” and gives you simple step by step instructions so you can get your first crop started straight away. Each step is illustrated with photographs to make it easy for everyone (even a complete novice) to follow.

The second part is the detail. This is your reference section.
83 pages of incredible detail on every aspect of growing potatoes. Novice and seasoned potato growers alike find this section invaluable, as it contains everything you will ever need to know . . . and lots more.

This fantastic guide is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to grow great potatoes. Buy it now to ensure you have the best crop of potatoes ever. Be the envy of your neighbourhood, but don’t tell them your secret!!

Take a Sneak Preview

Click on the images below for a sneak preview of a couple of pages. See for yourself the beautiful illustrations and the incredible level of detailed information you will receive.

Potato Varieties Potato Common Scab
There are more than 5000 varieties of potatoes… Common Scab can reduce yield and damage the eyes of seed potatoes

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Grow Great Potatoes

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Grow Jerusalem Artichokes

How to Grow Jerusalem Artichokes ebook

Did you know that just like the potato, the cold hardy Jerusalem artichokes or “Sunchokes” also grow underground? They are recommended as a potato substitute for diabetics and Jerusalem artichoke flour is  recommended for those who are allergic to wheat and other grains.

In this valuable guide you’ll discover the 7 Jerusalem Artichoke Varieties, how to prepare the seed pieces for planting (this is different to potato seed piece preparation) where to plant them and details of the one disease that can kill your crop.

We even share some mouth watering recipes with you!


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Potato Recipes

How to Cook Yummy Potatoes ebook

39 gorgeous recipes for cooking the wonderful potatoes you’ve grown in your garden. Delight your family with salads, side dishes, bread, main dishes, soups and more.

Each recipe includes a photo, ingredients and step by step instructions. Most include a table of nutritional value so you know first hand the carbohydrate, fat and vitamin levels of your dishes.

Once you’ve tasted home grown potatoes, you’ll never want to eat old store bought ones again!


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