How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes


Brett’s Story
Following your advice my plants are 4 times bigger than before I have read and reread the book over and over and l now have a better understanding of the life of the tomato from start to finish.Thankyou for all the time and effort you have put into this information and kept in mind to make it easy to understand. l conducted a trial by putting what you have said in your book into practice in my hot house. One plant I did your way, the other my way as I’ve always done it. l have also done the same trial with ones in the ground and their doing even better. l cant believe the growth rate of the plant – the stem is much thicker, leaves have more colour and it’s stronger looking all over. Most books that l have brought on tomatoes are ok but do not give you the understanding of the life cycle of tomatoes that is easy to understand as your information does. l cant even think of anything that l can say that would improve what you both have done 10/10 from me. You two ladies have restored my faith in the human race because your book and the price that you are asking for the book just goes to show that there are still some people out there that give more than value for your money. l am more than happy to back up my email and tell anyone that wishes to contact me that, that is what l have said. Brett Scott, South Australia (Brett sent us photos of the trials he did. These plants were planted at the same time, the first using his traditional method of care, the next following the instructions in How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes, and the same for the plants in pots) bscotttomato2

Brett’s standard method plant


Using our tips


Brett’s on the left, ours on the right

Doing it your way, the plants are 4 TIMES the size of the other plants


How to Grow Juicy Tomatoes at Your Place

How To Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes
Get expert advice now – get your own copy of How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. Our How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes Book Set has proven to be a valuable and cherished resource.  Now into it’s 2nd reprint, the 80 page “tomato bible” is illustrated with over 260 colour photographs, and contains everything a home gardener needs to know about growing healthy, tasty tomatoes. The book was co-authored by Lucia Grimmer – a world renowned expert in plant disease and plant nutrition and a full time advisor to professional growers.  Now she shares her secrets with home gardeners! This is the Table of Contents

  • History of the Tomato
  • Fruit or Vegetable?
  • Health Effects
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Varieties
  • Site Preparation (including soil, wind, drainage, mulching and pots)
  • Cultivation (including sowing seeds, transplanting, staking and pruning)
  • Watering your Plants
  • Nutrition
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Picking & Storage
  • Collecting Seed
  • Growing Organically
  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouses



What’s in the Tomato Book Set?

The How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes Handbook

This book, which has sold over 11,250 copies in 88 countries, contains a comprehensive 80 page full colour scientific guide on growing tomatoes in every type of climate.How To Grow Juicy Tasty TomatoesIt includes:

  • Detailed recommendations for soil preparation, staking, pruning and watering
  • 260 pictorial and descriptive aids for diagnosing and controlling nutritional, disease and pest issues
  • Growing advice for traditional and organic methods in the garden, pots or a greenhouse
  • Advice for harvesting, storage and seed saving
  • A glossary of Tomato Terms
  • Bonus Tomato Diary, Disease Ready Reckoner and Conversion Charts for measurements

Plus 6 Great Bonuses!

Bonus 1: Database of Tomato Varieties

Tomato Varieties databaseEvery pack will contain our comprehensive CD, containing cultivation notes and details on seed purchasing for over 1300 varieties.

Bonus 2: Common Tomato Problems Ready Reckoner Tomato Diseases

The incredibly detailed Ready Reckoner features photos of common diseases, pests and deformities, making it easy for you to identify any problems which may occur.

Bonus 3: Tomato Growth Stage Cultivation Guide

A very useful chart which shows you what to do at each growth stage, from pre-plant through to flowering and harvest.

Bonus 4: Conversion Guide Tomato Book Bonuses

A useful guide shows you how to convert just about anything to anything!

Bonus 5: Growing Diary 

Use it to record everything you do – fertilising, watering, pruning, position, varieties etc and what happens.So that next year you can look back and see what you planted where, what problems you incurred (if any), what corrective action you took and what the results were.

Bonus 6:  Our Family Tomato Cookbook Tomato Recipes

A wonderful collection of culinary ideas from all over the  world. They have nearly all been donated by customers, friends and family and some of them have been handed down for generations.Your recipient will delight in these wonderful tomato recipes.

  • salads and accompaniments
  • soups
  • snacks
  • pies
  • pasta and rice
  • preserves and sauces


Choose Ebook or Printed Version


1. Ebook Version

Instant Download to Your Computer $19.95

Purchase the ebook format (you download instantly onto your computer and print)
and receive 6 free bonuses.

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2. Printed Version

Posted to Your Home $19.95 plus postage

Many prefer the glossy soft cover printed version.  We carefully wrap in a padded bag and post via airmail within 24 hours along with your 6 free bonuses.


We hope you are soon enjoying the best tomatoes you’ve ever tasted!

Best wishes

Lucia Grimmer

Lucia Grimmer, MSc

Annette Welsford

Annette Welsford

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