How to Order our Tomato Book Set – Featured in Blues Country Magazine

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Click on the image above to read the great How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes article

We’re absolutely delighted that the wonderful Blues Country magazine published a lovely feature on our book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes.

This wonderful magazine is distributed throughout Qld, NT, NSW and WA in Australia and is devoured by more than 44,000 hardworking and often quite remote farming communities.  It contains a wealth of heartwarming stories about life in the “bush” as well as a lot of useful information on what’s going on, how to do things better and current rural issues.

The article published details of our website where readers can purchase the book, but what we didn’t cater for (our apologies) is for the farms which don’t have internet access.  We received several phone calls from farmers and bookshops who’d received enquiries from local residents wanting to buy the book.

To Purchase Offline

It’s easy. Simply send an Australian Money Order or Cheque for $38.95 to the following address.

Commonsense Marketing Pty Ltd
27 Anakie Drive
Cornubia  Qld  4130

The price includes postage and handling. It also includes delivery of our 6 bonuses – Our Family Tomato Cookbook, the CD database of 1200 tomato varieties, the Disease Ready Reckoner, The Growth Stage Cultivation Guide, the Tomato Diary and the Measurements Conversion Guide. These last 4 bonuses are on the CD, so you’ll need to print them out.

For international orders – please send an international money order for US45.95 to the address above.

We post the tomato book set out within 48 hours of receiving your payment.  Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address on the back!

Hope you enjoy this lovely article . . .

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Annette Welsford has a partial degree in Horticulture and a Post Graduate Certificate in marketing. Having lived in the cold, temperate and hot parts of Australia and the UK, she has gained experience over the years with gardening in a variety of climates. Annette also worked for a fertilizer company where she was responsible for developing, editing and publishing a range of technical manuals on nutrition and fungal diseases for a wide range of horticultural crops including tomatoes. Annette is Managing Director of Commonsense Marketing Pty Ltd, a publishing and marketing company, responsible for the editing, design and worldwide marketing of the How to Grow books, and other products. Commonsense Marketing also provides expert offline and online marketing consulting and design services to a variety of small to medium sized businesses.


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