“How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes At Home”

Learn all the Secrets from a World Renowned Plant Disease and Nutritionist who Advises the Professional Growers

Annette Welsford


Hello fellow tomato lover.

If you’re sick of the thick skinned, tasteless balls, covered in chemicals, that they charge a small fortune for in supermarkets, the answer is easy. Grow your own. It’s a very enjoyable and rewarding past time, as millions of people around the world know. However you do need to follow a set of well tested guidelines to ensure your plants stay healthy so they produce masses of juicy fruit. You don’t want disease or pests or soil problems destroying all your hard work.

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You want beautiful plump healthy tomatoes like these
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Not diseased and misshapen ones like these

Let me tell you though, surfing the internet, trying to find answers to all your tomato growing problems and then trying to sort out the facts from the anecdotal drivel is tough work.

Where do You Find the Correct Information on Growing Tomatoes?

Whilst there is some information available for free on the internet, it is challenging to find correct and detailed information. There’s plenty of amateur advice, but it’s often conflicting and incomplete, and will leave you confused. If you want to be successful at growing tomatoes and not waste money and time – then the best thing you can do is get professional advice from a qualified expert.

How to Get Expert Advice

Lucia Grimmer

Lucia Grimmer, Msc – has authored several scientific papers and won awards for her technical articles. She’s also Co-Author of How to Grow Great Potatoes.

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes is a runaway best seller in 85 countries.

I joined forces with my closed friend and renowned Plant Pathologist and Nutrition Expert Lucia Grimmer to publish her expert knowledge for home growers.Lucia helps professional tomato growers and horticulturists grow perfect tomatoes in all sorts of climates – from tropical to temperate to cold.She’s been conducting scientific trials, publishing white papers and providing expert consultancy services to the professionals for over 30 years, all around the world. What she doesn’t know about growing tomatoes isn’t worth knowing!Now she shares all the scientific professional secrets with home gardeners.

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes Book Set has proven to beMAG004 a valuable and cherished resource. Now into it’s 2nd reprint, the 80 page “tomato bible” is illustrated with over 260 colour photographs, and contains everything a home gardener needs to know about growing healthy, tasty tomatoes.

This is the Table of Contents

  • History of the Tomato
  • Fruit or Vegetable?
  • Health Effects
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Varieties
  • Site Preparation (including soil, wind, drainage, mulching and pots)
  • Cultivation (including sowing seeds, transplanting, staking and pruning)
  • Watering your Plants
  • Nutrition
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Picking & Storage
  • Collecting Seed
  • Growing Organically
  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouses

“How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes”

IS A GIANT compendium with all the answers and hundreds of photos

IMPORTANT: The facts contained in How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes are the result of years of research. This book is a valuable reference guide which is used around the world by professional horticulturists and novice gardeners alike. The book was written by a highly qualified and well respected plant expert. It was not written by an “author for hire” and it is not based on amateur’s anecdotes.

If you have a question about tomatoes and its not covered in this book
I’d be most surprised” Debbie McDonald, Gardening Australia Magazine

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The book is divided into two parts.

The first part is called Quick Start and gives you simple step by step instructions so you can get your first crop started straight away. Each step is illustrated with photographs to make it easy for everyone (even a complete novice) to follow.

The second part is the detail. This is your reference section. 65 pages of incredible detail on every aspect of growing tomatoes. Novice and seasoned tomato growers alike find this section invaluable, as it contains everything you will ever need to know . . . and lots more. This fantastic guide is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to grow great tomatoes.

Buy it now to ensure you have the best crop of tomatoes ever. Be the envy of your neighbourhood, but don’t tell them your secret!!

Your book is very well organized. I am going to suggest that it be used as a text book in West Africa where we are teaching regenerative agriculture. I would invite you to be an advisor to the MORE program. We want to demonstrate sustained tomato tonnage through all the seasons with a unique growing system and teaching program. Jim Riordan, Director  www.pppafrica.org, Ghana

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The book comes with 6 wonderful bonuses includingbooks and cd group small

  1. Our Family Tomato Cookbook – a collection of family favourite recipes from all over the world, all donated by our readers
  2. Our huge Varieties Database CD. Contains photos, cultivation and usage notes and seed purchase info for over 1300 varieties.
  3. The Common Problems Ready Reckoner which features photos of common diseases, pests and deformities.
  4. Your Tomato Diary to help you record your activities and results and compare year on year.
  5. The Growth Stage Cultivation Guide which shows you what to do at each growth stage.
  6. A Conversion Guide which helps you to convert just about anything to anything!

“I must say that I thought it was one of the very best books on the subjects of tomatoes that I have ever read, and I must add, that I think that I have read them all. I grow about 17 varieties of tomatos and I raise about 38 plants. Some with great success and some just so so. Living with heat and humidity in central Georgia make growing tomatos very difficult, every bit of advice is welcome and your book certainly gave that to me. My wife who is a published landscape designer and I, are on a Saturday morning talk show about gardening. I would have no problem recommending your book to the people who call in.” Earle Jonas, Georgia, USA

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Purchase this treasured ebook now and download instantly to your computer , along with the 6 free bonuses.

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We hope you are soon enjoying the best tomatoes you’ve ever tasted!

Best wishes

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Annette Welsford and Lucia Grimmer