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Secrets of Growing Sweet Corn Successfully

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Sweet Corn

Beautiful Sweet Corn - ready for picking. Sweet corn, as opposed to big white mealies or maize, is a great crop to grow in your vegetable garden. While they do need to be reasonably widely spaced, even a couple of short rows at the back of your plot can produce gorgeously sweet corn cobs – better ...

Creating a Children’s Vegetable Garden

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Tomatoes fit for a fairy Children are amazingly receptive and appreciative, especially when their parents and other family members take the time to share with them. Not surprisingly, gardens are a particularly successful and special place where we can share with our children. And you don't need a lot of space. You can create your child's vegetable ...

Growing Tomatoes Organically

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Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic gardening has often been thought of as the preserve of eccentrics who refused to accept the self-evident truth that twentieth-century progress had transformed the ancient art of gardening. Why did they fiddle around with compost and garlic spray when modern fertilisers and insecticides were so much more efficient and easier to use? Opinions have changed, ...