How to Grow Delicious Potatoes in Your
Home Garden or Even On Your Balcony!


Learn all the Secrets from a World Renowned Plant Disease and Nutrition Specialist who Advises the Professional Growers and Horticulturists

Have you ever tasted the difference between store bought old potatoes and newly dug up fresh potatoes? It’s incredible.

The flesh has so much more flavour! The texture is firmer. They even smell a whole lot better

Growing your own at home makes so much sense. There is a very good reason why Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the home garden. They’re easy to grow, they store well and they taste much, much better.

diggingpotatoes1 newpotatoes1

Imagine walking outside, digging up a few home grown potatoes
and they’re on your family dinner table within minutes!

You know they’re fresh, you know they’re chemical free and you haven’t paid a ridiculous price for them!

Are There Any Issues With Growing Potatoes?

Well yes there are.

Here’s some more valuable tips . . .

  • Preparing the soil or container properly has a big impact on the health and yield of your crop.
  • Potatoes won’t grow near certain types of plants, so it’s important to know about their preferred “companion” plants and to understand crop rotation.
  • It’s important to cultivate them properly so they don’t go green – which is when they will be poisonous to you.
  • It’s important to give them the right type of fertiliser at each growth stage so they grow and mature properly.
  • Potatoes are shallow rooting and therefore very sensitive to water. Give them too much and you’ll have disease issues. Too little or uneven water will affect quality and stunt growth.
  • Potatoes are susceptible to a number of common disease and pest problems. Unfortunately if you don’t look out for these and take corrective action – they could wipe out your whole crop very quickly.

Here’s three common potato diseases you want to avoid at all costs!


Late Blight

Hollow Heart



We’ll share with you the best control methods for each one.

Remember the Great Potato Famine caused starvation and over a million deaths back in Ireland in the mid 19th century (1845-1849). This was all due to a common fungal disease called Potato Blight, which thankfully we now have the ability to control.

What Sort of Potatoes Varieties Should You Grow?

There are dozens of types of potatoes you can grow. Some are small with waxy flesh, others are large with floury white flesh, and there is everything in between.

But ‘waxiness’ or ‘flouriness’ is usually a spectrum – some are rather waxy, some are rather floury, and some are midway between.

The attributes of waxiness or flouriness are also influenced by the growing conditions, and by the age of the tuber. New potatoes are more waxy because some of their sugars are yet to be converted to starch, and old potatoes that have been in storage for a long time become more floury.

Potato Fries

Baked Potato

Potato Salad

Mashed Potato

What you grow will depend largely on how you like to eat them. Not all potatoes are created equal. Some are better for boiling, some for baking and others for frying.

We’ve developed a fantastic summary of the most common russet, red, white, purple and fingerling varieties and what they’re best used for.

Where do You Find the Correct Information on Growing Potatoes?

Whilst there is some information available for free on the internet, it is challenging to find correct and detailed information. There’s plenty of amateur advice, but it’s often conflicting and incomplete, and will leave you confused. If you want to be successful at growing potatoes and not waste money and time – then the best thing you can do is get professional advice from a qualified expert.

How to Get Expert Advice


Lucia Grimmer, Msc – has authored several scientific papers and won awards for her technical articles. She’s also Co-Author of How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes.


Renowned Plant Pathologist and Nutrition Expert Lucia Grimmer helps professional potato growers and horticulturists grow perfect potatoes.

She’s been conducting scientific trials, publishing white papers and providing expert consultancy services to the professionals for over 30 years, all around the world. What she doesn’t know about growing potatoes isn’t worth knowing.

Now she shares all the scientific professional secrets with home gardeners.


Her first book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes is a runaway best seller in 85 countries.

Her new ebook How to Grow Great Potatoes is another popular publication and has been snapped up by her loyal list of gardening enthusiasts.How to Grow Great Potatoes is a 105 page “bible” on everything you will ever need to know about growing potatoes.It covers history, health benefits, varieties, planting in a garden or a container, nutrition, watering, pests, diseases, harvesting and lots more…We’ve done the research, and there’s no more comprehensive guide on growing potatoes ever been published.

It contains a wealth of valuable information, diagrams and photos to show you step by step how to plant, cultivate, care for and harvest potatoes. You’ll be particularly impressed by the comprehensive disease and pest section. Until now this is information which has been quite difficult for home gardeners to gain access to.

“Congratulations on producing such an excellent publication. The text layout and illustrations are wonderful. I feel privileged to have made a contribution”
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Discover Everything About Growing Potatoes

grow potatoes How to prepare seed potatoes for planting
grow potatoes Which potato varieties to choose for your needs and your climate
grow potatoes How to prepare your garden beds
grow potatoes How to plant potatoes in several types of containers
grow potatoes How to care for your potatoes – mounding, fertilising, watering
grow potatoes How to identify common potato diseases and what to do about them
grow potatoes How to identify common potato pests and the best methods of control
grow potatoes How to harvest and store potatoes
grow potatoes Where to purchase seed potatoes – we’ve listed all the major online seed suppliers
IMPORTANT: The facts contained in How to Grow Great Potatoes are the result of years of research. This book is a valuable reference guide which is used around the world by professional horticulturists and novice gardeners alike. The book was written by a highly qualified and well respected plant expert. It was not written by an “author for hire” and it is not based on amateur’s anecdotes.

What Is in the Book How to Grow Great Potatoes?

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is called “Quick Start” and gives you simple step by step instructions so you can get your first crop started straight away. Each step is illustrated with photographs to make it easy for everyone (even a complete novice) to follow.

The second part is the detail. This is your reference section.

83 pages of incredible detail on every aspect of growing potatoes. Novice and seasoned potato growers alike find this section invaluable, as it contains everything you will ever need to know . . . and lots more.

This fantastic guide is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to grow great potatoes. Buy it now to ensure you have the best crop of potatoes ever. Be the envy of your neighbourhood, but don’t tell them your secret!!

“The book was wonderful to read and now I can assure a good crop of potatoes. I finally got the beds prepared properly and the seed potatoes planted can now sit back and watch them grow properly.Thank you once again and for keeping in touch
David Rickards, Bayswater, Western Australia

Take a Sneak Preview

Click on the images below for a sneak preview of a couple of pages. See for yourself the beautiful illustrations and the incredible level of detailed information you will receive.

There are more than
5000 varieties of potatoes…

Common Scab can reduce yield and
damage the eyes of seed potatoes

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How to Grow Jerusalem Artichokes ebook

Did you know that just like the potato, the cold hardy Jerusalem artichokes or “Sunchokes” also grow underground? They are recommended as a potato substitute for diabetics as they show indications of assisting in blood sugar control. Jerusalem artichoke flour is also recommended for those who are allergic to wheat and other grains.In this valuable guide you’ll discover the 7 Jerusalem Artichoke Varieties, how to prepare the seed pieces for planting (this is different to potato seed piece preparation) where to plant them and details of the one disease that can kill your crop.

We even share some mouth watering recipes with you!


Red Fuseau Jerusalem Artichokes


Jerusalem Artichoke Varieties


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How to Cook Yummy Potatoes ebook

39 gorgeous recipes for cooking the wonderful potatoes you’ve grown in your garden. Delight your family with salads, side dishes, bread, main dishes, soups and more.Each recipe includes a photo, ingredients and step by step instructions. Most include a table of nutritional value so you know first hand the carbohydrate, fat and vitamin levels of your dishes. Units of measurement provided in both metric and imperial.

GM15852 R

Italian New Potatoes


Irish Potato Bread


Once you’ve tasted home grown potatoes, you’ll never want to eat old store bought ones again!

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We hope you are soon enjoying the best potatoes you’ve ever tasted!

Best wishes

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