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Controlling Squash Vine Borer

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Squash Vine Borer

Recently a grower from the UK sent us a photo of damage to a pumpkin plant and wanted to know what it was and whether it could be controlled.  This pest had apparently been a problem for a long time, to the extent that it was questionable whether it was worthwhile planting pumpkins or squashes ...

Integrated Control Options for Root Knot Nematodes Part 2

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Following on from Part 1 of this article where we talked about what root knot nematode (RKN) is, the symptoms and some soft options for control, in this article, we look at the rest of the tools that can be used in an integrated control strategy. Crop Rotation with Tolerant Crops Rotate susceptible crops, or crops which ...

Integrated Control Options for Root Knot Nematodes Part 1

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Many gardeners will have seen root knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) infection in your crops, especially if you have sandy soils.  It is easily diagnosed as it commonly causes swellings or galls on the roots and other underground parts of your plants which can vary from 1 mm to several centimetres in diameter. These galls detrimentally ...

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers

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container gardening

With the difficult weather that many regions have experience over the last year, the prices of many vegetables have hit peaks rarely seen before. This is bad news on the ‘hip pocket’! The good news is that you don’t have to pay these high prices.  You can have a lot of fun growing your own chemical ...

Soft Options for Control of Whitefly

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white fly

Over 500 plant species including vegetables, weeds, ornamental and agronomic crops are attacked by whitefly. Greenhouse whitefly, sweet potato whitefly, and silverleaf whitefly are serious insect pests worldwide. Whitefly infestations are the result of the widespread use of broad spectrum insecticides which have killed off their natural enemies. Symptoms Whiteflies suck sap from plants which results in wilting, ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 4

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Saline crusted soil

Managing Flood Affected Soils Following on from previous articles about the effects of flooding on your vegetable garden, in this article we review soil management. Conditions You Are Likely to Find After Flooding Flooding may cause loss of mulch and leaching of nutrients. Rising flood waters can cause the top of the soil to crust or a fine layer ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 3

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Foliar spray

Fixing Plant Nutrition in Flood Affected Soils In the previous article we discussed the effect that flooding has on soil nutrients. As soils start to dry out in the areas that have been affected by floods, it is time to examine how we go about feeding our plants again. The effect of flooding Flooding can have several consequences. In extreme ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 2

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Sandy Soil

Which Nutrients are Affected in Saturated Soils? The summer season of 2010/2011 has seen widespread flooding in many areas, and the "heavier than normal" snowfalls during the winter period have also contributed to saturated soil conditions.  In part 1 of this article, we covered the benefits of organic matter in flood affected soils.  In follow-up, in ...

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