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Growing Lettuces at Home

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Robinson Head Lettuce

The Robinson head lettuce cultivar not only tastes good, but it also forms an attractive rounded plant. If chopped a few centimetres from the ground (as the two that have been harvested in this small garden), it will continue to shoot and grow new lettuce plants for several plants. Other red lettuce varieties can be ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 4

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Saline crusted soil

Managing Flood Affected Soils Following on from previous articles about the effects of flooding on your vegetable garden, in this article we review soil management. Conditions You Are Likely to Find After Flooding Flooding may cause loss of mulch and leaching of nutrients. Rising flood waters can cause the top of the soil to crust or a fine layer ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 3

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Foliar spray

Fixing Plant Nutrition in Flood Affected Soils In the previous article we discussed the effect that flooding has on soil nutrients. As soils start to dry out in the areas that have been affected by floods, it is time to examine how we go about feeding our plants again. The effect of flooding Flooding can have several consequences. In extreme ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 2

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Sandy Soil

Which Nutrients are Affected in Saturated Soils? The summer season of 2010/2011 has seen widespread flooding in many areas, and the "heavier than normal" snowfalls during the winter period have also contributed to saturated soil conditions.  In part 1 of this article, we covered the benefits of organic matter in flood affected soils.  In follow-up, in ...

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 1

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The summer season of 2010/2011 has seen widespread flooding in many areas. We've received a number of enquiries from growers of tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables - “what do I need to do to my soil after a flood?” There are many things that happen to soils with intense rain and more water than soils can absorb, and the effects ...

Secrets of Turning a Disused Spa into a Vegetable Paradise

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Black Russian Tomato Plant

A while ago we realised that our gorgeous big Leopard Tree was strangling the underground pipes around our inground spa.  The options were to dig up all the concrete, attack the roots and replace the damaged pipes, or forget about having a spa.  We figured that the tree was here long before us and provides ...

Grey Wall in Tomatoes

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Grey Wall of Tomato

Grey wall or blotchy ripening is a name that is indicative of the disorder where fruit do not ripen properly or ripen unevenly. Symptoms develop whilst the fruit is still green. This condition is only found on the fruit and not on the plant. Symptoms Affected green fruit, have large, greyish or yellowish hard blotches on the ...

Growing Organically

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Growing organic

We're thrilled that the November edition of The Gardener magazine - South Africa's premier gardening publication has featured a lovely 3 page article on growing organically, directly from our book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. Here's an extract of that article.  (Click on the image to see the full article as published in The Gardener) " ...